What is an Audiologist?

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What is an Audiologist?

By: Dr. Esther Fogel

In honor of Audiology Awareness Month, I would like to share with you what I believe my role is as an audiologist when I evaluate and treat each of my patients.

  1. An audiologist connects people to the world around them.

Hearing loss can cause isolation and stressed relationships. An audiologist can help you reconnect to family, friends, and co-workers, as well as to the everyday sounds in your environment.

  1. An audiologist can help you protect your hearing.

The first step in hearing health is hearing loss prevention. According to the CDC, an estimated 12.5% of children and adolescents aged 6–19 years (approximately 5.2 million people) and 17% of adults aged 20–69 years (approximately 26 million people) have suffered permanent damage to their hearing from excessive exposure to loud noise.  Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, but preventable.  An audiologist can provide education and custom solutions for hearing protection.

  1. An audiologist is an expert in assessing and treating the auditory system.

An audiologist has earned a degree as a Doctor of Audiology (AuD or PhD) and is trained to diagnose and treat various types and etiologies of hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders.  An audiologist is an expert in the anatomy and physiology of the ear and auditory system, acoustics, speech,language and communication sciences, and amplification technology.  If your are experiencing signs of hearing loss or tinnitus, obtaining a complete audiological evaluation is important in order to identify any related medical issues possibly associated with hearing loss. An audiologist will interpret the findings of your hearing evaluation, provide appropriate solutions, and suggest  treatment options.

  1. An audiologist is an expert in hearing technology.

While there are many hearing devices available on the market, hearing devices require appropriate programming and fitting. An audiologist can help you choose the appropriate hearing solution for you and ensure that it is fit properly based on your hearing loss, the size and shape of your ear, and your specific listening needs. The appropriate solution may be as simple as an amplified telephone or as complex as a pair of Bluetooth-enabled intelligent hearing aids.

  1. An audiologist is your communication partner.

Hearing loss affects each person in a unique way, depending on their family role, work environment, and communication needs. An audiologist works together with each individual to find the appropriate solutions to improve relationships and ease communication.

At Comprehensive Audiology, we are committed to excellence and to providing personalized hearing healthcare.  We take the time to understand each of our patients and their needs so that we can educate them and ensure that they are fitted with the appropriate hearing technology.  We are committed to providing top quality service, and therefore we are always evolving with industry standards, using state of the art diagnostic equipment, and offering the latest in hearing aid technology. Our goal is to ensure patient satisfaction. We accommodate our patients by offering flexible scheduling, providing educational resources, and welcoming family members at all appointments.

This October, take the time to schedule your hearing test and get to know your local audiologist. Comprehensive Audiology is located at 261 Broadway in Lynbrook, NY. Appointments can be made by calling 516-387-4000 or emailing  Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Google, or Instagram @comprehensive_audiology, or visit us at 

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